A Series of Photographic Illustrations,

with Descriptive Letterpress,

of the Races and Tribes of Hindustan


Compiled and Edited by

J. Forbes Watson & J. W. Kaye.


This work; originally commissioned by the Government of India, is one of the great photographic books of the Nineteenth Century. It was the first comprehensive pictorial study of India’s native population and was originally published in 1868, in 8 folio volumes.

Lavishly illustrated, with 468 individually mounted albumen print photographs, it provided a stunning visual record  of the multiplicity of Castes, Tribes and Trades that made up the diverse population of the sub-continent in the mid 19th century.

Pagoda Tree Press have now produced a compact new edition, taken directly from a fine copy of the original work, and retaining the entire text and all the 468 photographic illustrations of the original; re-typeset into a 2 volume set; ideal as a practicable reference copy of an otherwise almost unobtainable work.

ISBN: 978-1904289-44-9.

2 Volume set; A5 format, in soft covers. 485 & 516 pages, with 468 b/w  illustrations.

PRICE: £65.00


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